Words win.

Virgo & Jane gives brands swagger through informative and engaging content.

Content Marketing

We help VC firms and B2B/B2C startups grow their businesses through clear and compelling writing.
Running and growing a VC firm or startup requires constant communication – with customers, employees, investors, portfolio companies, and the public at large. Virgo & Jane helps businesses structure and produce all their written materials.

Brand Awareness

  • Blog posts
  • SEO Content
  • Social media copy

Executive Ghostwriting

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Speeches

Lead Generation

  • Newsletters
  • Email copy
  • Whitepapers

Product Marketing

  • Website copy
  • Sales scripts
  • Case studies


  • Video scripts
  • Podcast scripts


  • Frequently asked questions
  • UX writing

Freelance Writing

In addition to content marketing, I write for online publications and magazines. If you’re interested in partnering on a project, I’d love to chat.
Elise Sherman Plugis

About Me

Hi, I’m Elise 👋

I’m a writer with a rich business background. Before freelancing, I held senior sales and marketing roles at VC firms and startups. In other words, I know that blog posts and website copy must sound good and look pretty but also close customers and make money.

When I’m not producing content for companies at Virgo & Jane, I write creative essays and fictional pieces.

I majored in English at Harvard, where I wrote my thesis on sisterhood in Victorian literature and played outside back on the soccer team.

I’m based in Boston, MA with my husband, Nick, a scientist, and son, Xander, a smiler. And I should mention: if I brush past you in Back Bay without saying hi, know that I have an identical twin, not a lack of charm!